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Online Link ScanWITH the vast advances of internet technology your computer’s susceptibility to malicious viruses, spyware, malware and other threats have been increasing. Surfing today’s web can be a stressful pastime as many harmful links can even through the links which may appear to be safe but indirectly find their way into your system, putting your computer’s data at the risk of being unethically violated. Online Link Scan is a brand new service that hopes to alleviate some of these fears and risks for web surfers and make their experience on the internet a safer and more enjoyable one.

Online Link Scan was developed by Rick Lim a Web Developer from Singapore and launched in December 2008. Through complete and early detection of links that may otherwise appear to be harmless, Online Link Scan is able to weed out any harmful threat that may be lurking within these links. Many of these harmful threats, are for the most part impossible for home computer users to detect. Constant redirection to viruses, spyware or malware from your own chosen ‘safe’ links is also a grave concern these days. Online Link Scan offers safeguards by giving you the opportunity to scan each individual link, to see whether they are suspicious or not before putting your computer at risk.

The mission of Online Link Scan is to not only make the internet safe for web surfing; but they are also dedicated to eliminating the threats that exist within legitimate links and so as to give those websites, those that have something genuine to offer to the general public, a safe and reputable standing. Giving web surfers and developers alike peace of mind.

Online Link Scan is not one hundred percent fool proof against every single threat that is out there because no anti-virus software can ever be. But it significantly reduces the chances of malicious attacks against your computer.

Envision losing every single file on your computer due to a corruption in the system. Envision having to retrieve important documents and having to turn your life upside down to try and replace them. Now, envision the freedom and security of being able to browse the internet without those constant fears. Online Link Scan can bring you a little closer to that third reality.

Online Link Scan allow all computer users to scan thoroughly all through for nay suspicious looking links that can create havoc without even the slightest warning. Usually sites that are malice-bound don’t go on banging on the internet. They come through the back channels under cover of links to sites that may, on the face of it, look innocuous.